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About Me

Usability engineer and passionate front-end JavaScript developer with more than 8 years of work experience including mobile/desktop applications development at Nokia, web-based HR tools for nearly 80 percent of the Fortune 100 companies at PeopleFluent, and web campaigns for more than 50 percent of all federal elections in the US at Liberty Concepts.


  • Andrew Cuomo for Governor

    2010 Democratic candidate web campaign for the governor of New York.

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  • Mobile Talent Management suite

    Suite of iPad apps for HR: recruiting, performance, compensation, communication

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  • Nokia Profiles

    User identity service for Nokia Here platform. Lets you build elegant personal profile page to highlight your favorite places.

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  • Recruiting Management System

    SaaS tool for recruiters and managers. Actively used by hundreds of companies from Fortune 1000

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  • Nokia Pulse

    Nokia Pulse is smarter messaging. It lets you easily send private messages that are automatically tagged with your current location

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  • Appalachia Service Project

    Volunteer organization concerned with home repair for low-income families and free home construction.

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Senior Software UI Engineer

Nokia — Telecommunication
3 years, 11/2011 — present

  • Developed highly scalable mobile/desktop JavaScript applications and prototypes using Backbone.js, Marionette.js, Angular.js, and other latest JS technologies and frameworks.
  • Architected and implemented multiple Node.js projects. Tested with Karma, Mocha, Jasmine, and ran the infrastructure in AWS utilizing Jenkins, Grunt, and Forever. Published several NPM components.
  • Developed Nokia Profiles - mobile/desktop user identity service for Nokia social platform using Ruby on Rails and Backbone.js.
  • Implemented integrations with Nokia Maps, Nokia Places API, and Nokia's backend platforms.

Software UX Engineer

Peoplefluent — Human capital management software
1.5 years, 08/2010 — 11/2011

  • Led UI development of cutting edge award-winning HTML5/CSS3 mobile and desktop applications. Patent holder.
  • Created, enhanced, maintained, and tested software UI framework components.
  • Mentored other developers, and coordinating activities with the development team across the globe.

Lead Web Developer

Liberty Concepts — New media strategy and technology
3 years, 11/2007 — 08/2010

  • Led development of pixel perfect UI of more than a hundred political campaigns and non-profits.
  • Extensive JavaScript programming to implement dynamic web application interfaces.
  • Raised over $50 million dollars for company clients, pioneering several new online fundraising techniques.


Front-End Development

Core strengths

Expert-level proficiency in JavaScript,latest HTML5 APIs, JS design patterns, and new updates to language standards. Award-winning HTML/CSS3 websites, platforms, and apps.

JavaScript Frameworks

My usual front-end stack includes but not limited to Backbone.js with Marionette.js flavor, jQuery, Underscore.js. All glued with Require.js with CommonJS module format.
I also have experience using "convention over configuration" concept frameworks such as Ember.js, Knockout.js and Angular.js.

Templating Engines

Mustache supersets: Handlebars and Hogan, but nothing beats the simplicity of Underscore.js templates.

Back-End Development

Server-side scripting

Expert-level proficiency in Node.js using Express, Bluebird, Request, Passport. Familiarity with Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP, and ASP backends. Groovy and C for microelectronics projects.


Automating builds with Grunt. Front-end unit testing with Karma and Jasmine. Back-end tests with Mocha. Code coverage reports with Istanbul. Acceptance tests on Selenium engine. And running all above in PhantomJS and desktop browsers. Continuous integration using Jenkins and automatic deployment utilizing Heroku and AWS solutions: EC2, RDS, S3, etc.

Data Storage

Integration with MongoDb, MySQL clients, and Nokia's storage layers with REST interface. Experience with Redis, SQLite.

Other Relevant Skills

Arduino, microelectronics, home automation.

Personal info

Name Andrei Zharov
Languages English, Russian
Address 11 Volunteer Way,
Lexington, Massachusetts
Andrei Zharov